Fireworks-Some Safety Measures To Follow

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There are some safety measures to be taken while using fireworks. We find many cases of injuries being treated every year due to unsafe practices. Let’s discuss some simple precautions to be taken by adults and children to enjoy the celebrations without any injury. We find children below the age of 15 getting affected the most, around fifty percent of them belong to this age group. This is because they are not guided by adults. You should never let them handle fireworks without your supervision. Eye, hand, and legs tend to get injured the most. Many children suffer fifty percent burns, which is very painful. It is advisable to never allow children light the fireworks, it should be handled by adults only.

Fireworks should never be used under the influence of alcohol. Your senses are impaired by alcohol or drug use, so it is best not to use fireworks. You tend to get yourself injured, and eye injury is the most serious.

It is better you purchase the fireworks during use instead of purchasing it beforehand and storing it. Cases of accidents are more when you store fireworks in your house. If you are attending an authorized display of fireworks, then safety is assured because they take all safety measures to ensure that there are no untrodden incidents. A display by professional have a lesser statistics of injuries.

Rockets and sparkles have a high degree of intensity, so it is not advised for children to use them without supervision. When friend meets, they tend to pool up and burst fireworks, which is dangerous. Rockets are very dangerous because sometimes they tend to change directions and cause injuries. So it is better children watching the display in the sky rather them lighting them. Fireworks are not supposed to be used inside the house. It is very dangerous lighting them near dry grass and keeps a distance when you light them, and most of the injuries happen when you get back to recheck if the firework is working, it is always better you dispose of it by pouring water. Pets are very sensitive to the sound of fireworks, keep them safe and never take them for a show of fireworks.

These are some of the safety measures to be taken while enjoying fireworks.