Get To know More About Total Body Photography


Total Body Photography is a very important medical test that can be very helpful in the detection and subsequent treatment of a number of diseases. If your doctor has told you to go in for a total body photography, then you really shouldn’t waste time hesitating. Such tests are essential to see if there is a high probability of cells or lesions on your skin that may turn into melanoma in the times to come.

There are many other things that you will need to know if you want to fully understand the concept of total body photography.

It is vital that the quality of the images that are obtained, as a result of the total body photography, be as good as they can possibly be. The entire purpose of the test will be lost unless and until the quality of the images that are obtained are good. The image distance is also an important factor throughout the entire exercise. The quality of the image that one gets and the image distance, are the two most vital factors that can aid either in clearing or creating a number of obstacles in the path to seeing the changes in the skin legions.

Mole mapping is also a very important part of the entire exercise of total body photography. The lesions or the moles that are there on a patient’s skin can tell multiple stories that will be of a lot of use in deciding the best medical course of action that can be taken to fully cure a patient. The thing is that changes in the lesions are amongst the most vital factors that are taken into account by a doctor to check whether or not there is a probability of melanoma occurring. And the best way to detect these changes in the lesion is total body photography.

The other thing that not only emphasizes but also increases the importance of total body photography is the fact that it will decrease the number of biopsies that take place. It’s a known fact that a very high number of biopsies that take place in the removal of moles or lesions that were not malignant in nature. The benefit of total body photography is that a qualified medical professional will find it a lot easier to check whether or not a lesion is malignant. The increase in the size of lesions is one of the major factors that can be taken into account by the doctors to determine malignancy.

As already stated it will be very hard to deny the fact that many benign lesions are removed despite the fact that there is absolutely no chance of those lesions turning into melanoma. If that can be avoided, then there will be an increase in the degree of the patient’s care that will take place. Thus, the importance of total body photography has been emphasized by this additional benefit.

So what are you waiting for, go in for this brand new procedure and reap the benefits.