How To Identify A Good Postpartum Belly Wrap?


Belly wrap has many names. It is called postpartum girdle, belly band or belly binder. Whatever the name you give to it, the functions performed by the belly wrap is the same. It is used by new moms to get their lost shape. If you are on the quest of selecting the best postpartum wrap, then this article is for you. Websites like can help you get the best wrap to suit your fit. Before getting into the buying process, first, understand why a belly wrap is needed. It is normally prescribed to provide support to the abdomen and new mothers to get their posture back post delivery.

The postpartum wrap could cost anywhere between $20 and $60 based on the model. You have to buy different sizes to match the fit as your size may decrease with consistent usage. The abdomen is compressed, and it can help the uterus to get back to the normal size quickly. Belly wraps come in varied models and each has their pros and cons. A little research could do no harm while choosing a belly wrap. Some of the aspects to consider while making a choice are listed below:

Feel comfortable
You will be wearing the belly wrap throughout the day, ensure the wrap does not cut your skin while wearing it. The wrap should be comfortable to wear and do your daily chores without any problem.

Discreetly hidden
The belt is worn under your clothes and has to be invisible. It should not give a feel like you are wearing it under your garments. It wrap should be easy to wear and remove. There slip down belly wraps that are easy to remove and help you go about your day to day activities with ease.

Choosing the best quality
No one size fits all. What may be good for others may not be good for you. If you really want the belly wrap to work consider doing some research. Find out what type of girdles are available in the market. Check out reviews, online forums, and testimonials of customers. This can help you choose a girdle that fits your budget and your specifications.

Popular postpartum belly wraps
Squeem is a renowned name in the industry coming with about 4 decades of experience. The Perfect Waist is a reputed one and has yielded desired results. It is corset style wrap for mothers who want to address their midsection. It can be worn under tight fitting clothes also. It is available in two colors of black and nude. It helps in the realignment of your spine.

Belly Bandit is latex free, and its stretch technology is suitable for shrinking belly, hips, and waist. Those suffering from diastasis recti have found this effective. Though there are complaints of folding and unsuitable for outside wear, it should not be a problem if you plan to wear it at home.

The Bellefit postpartum girdle is effective at compressing your abdomen. It works best for those women who have undergone C-Section. It is made of medical grade garment providing the special care needed at the abdominal incisions.

Choose the right belly wrap understanding your needs and budget.